File information Printer Epson L210 drivers controller :

- File name : L210_x86_151UsHomeExportAsiaML_MP2.exe (x86) , L210_x64_151UsHomeExportAsiaML_MP2.exe (x64)
- File Size : 20.18 MB (x86) | 23.64 MB (x64)
- File Version :  1.51
- File Contains : Setup application printer Drivers Epson l210

File information Scanner Epson L210 drivers controller :

- File name : L210_WW_WIN_3790_41.exe (x86 / x64)
- File Size : 19.82 MB
- File Version :
- File Contains : Setup application scanner drivers L210 Series, L350 Series

Compatibility and System Requirements :

- Windows 8 (x86,x64)
- Windows 7 (x86,x64)
- Windows Vista (x86,x64)
- Windows XP
- All drivers support 32bit and 64bit -

How to install the drivers Epson L210 for Windows :

1. Download the driver Epson L210, for link download see below
2. Make sure the printer usb cable plugged into the laptop or computer
3. Open the file has been downloaded, double click on the file
4. Follow the instructions that appear during installation
5. When finished doing test print and scan test
6. If test print and scan is not a problem, then we have succeeded driver installation

Link download drivers printer Epson L210
(Direct Link) :

- Scanner Epson L210 : Download
- Printer Epson L210 : Download ( x86)  | Download (x64)

Epson L210 Drivers Download
Epson L210 Drivers


  1. a que se debe el hecho que trato de instalar el driver de la impresora epson l210 y me sale un mensaje de error. Los drivers de scaner si se pudieron instalar

    1. some scanner driver can error cause previous driver not uninstall